Azmi Hussin

Azmi Hussin is a Penang-based caricature artist popularly known for his unique portrait caricature sketches and coffee painting. A self-taught artist, he was a technician, and then an auxiliary police officer before quitting his job to become a full-time caricature artist in 2013. Initially a struggling artist who earned his living sketching portraits of tourists and passers-by at Rm10 a sketch, he has grown leaps and bounds to become one of Penang's best-known sketch artists, including an entry into Malaysia Book of Records for most caricatures drawn in 24 hours. He has also published a trio of comic books, starting with Tanjong Life (2015), followed by The Little Mamak (2016), and a sequel of The Little Mamak, Lost in Bagan in 2017. Azmi takes inspiration from his idol, the legendary Malaysian comic artist Datuk Lat but also develops his own unique take on portrait sketch techniques.

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