Ethen Ng

Ethen Ng (born in 1981) is a self-taught artist from Penang, Malaysia. He enjoyed painting since young. Ethen began as a fabric designer, his heart began feeling more into fine art, especially painting. Apart from his work as a full-time artist, he conducts art classes in part-time for school children and adults as well. He makes time every day to allow himself in exploring new techniques to enhance his skills. He believes that one will improve himself through extensive observation and continuous learning.


The Batik Kerbau series is his latest painting series. Through his painting, buffalo horns are decorated, engraved and brushed with intricate Batik (wax-resist dyeing) carving patterns to enhance the power of beautiful and majestic animals. Batik also normally used as a symbol to represents local culture and harmonic relationship between different ethnicities.


In "My Pet Series", Ethen uses ball pens as the only medium in his work. He like the colourful range of ball pens that provides a huge variety of colours and sizes. It give him the freedom in creating the artwork he desire, where he can easily transform what he feel into his drawing and most importantly, he get to enjoy the process of making it.

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