Shop Howard


Shop Howard is the retail brand name for Howard Tan, a multi-talented photographer, artist, product designer and collector of antique curio items.

Born in 1974, Howard started his career not as in the arts, but as a computer software engineer. However, his self-nurtured and self-taught passion in photography led him to start Shop Howard where he curates, produces, and sells his own brand of photography prints, intriguing products and artworks. He draws his inspiration from his childhood memories and nostalgia of old towns and flea markets from a time gone by.

With his signature colour schemes and playful motifs manifest in all his prints and products, it is no surprise that Howard was invited to participate in a series of exhibitions and art fairs all over Malaysia. He is also a photo contributor to international magazines such as Singapore Airlines' inflight mag, Saveur and Esquire especially on the subject of Penang.

Beyond his shop on Pitt Street at the heart of George Town's UNESCO heritage core zone, Howard has also published a series of photo books - Found Things (2016), The Flea Market Voyages and Impression of Georgetown (2020). Since 2018, Howard started experimenting with a unique, unmistakably-his own style of photo collages, now one of his hot-selling products.


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