Mikk's Fine Wood Art

Mikk's artworks reflect his passion for beautiful visual images. His recent pieces are manifested in hand carved wood. As a trained artist and designer, he is fascinated by the perfection in the architecture that can be observed in the organic form in our natural world; for example the 'Golden Rule' or 'Golden Ratio' and Fibinnacci mathematics are derived from the beauty of the spirals found in the Nautilus shell. As an artist in wood, he appreciates the symmetry of turned vessels and the natural complexity, beauty and colors of the grain structure in wood hence he employs these elements into his artwork. Using exotic local hardwoods from Malaysia that are shaped through woodturning and carving, his carvings often reflect the organic complexity and beauty of natural wood. His woodturning's generate pieces that display the beauty of the grain structure in the wood. All of his wood carving Is made by hand using standard traditional woodworking tools. He has recently added laser engraving to his portfolio in order to render beautiful images on wood in black and white.

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