Nikaya Artwork

Lim Seng Huat, or better known as Jason Lim of Nikaya Artworks, is an animal lover, nature conservationist and a strong believer in preserving art, culture, and heritage to be passed down to our future generations. Jason is not exactly a veteran in wood carving.

His artwork is universal and caters to the older and newer generations. They come in the form of jewelleries, wall art, art -deco's, abstract unique furniture's, wood, and stone carvings as well as sculptures. As a nature conservationist his artwork depicts Malaysia's local tradition, culture, heritage, animals, and nature. He believes that, before we can influence the younger generation in our traditional, cultural heritage, we must first be able to attract them. His artworks manage to preserve Malaysia's art, culture, tradition, and heritage albeit using modern techniques to capture the interest of the younger generation. He combines different types of technologies, techniques and different types of mediums incorporated into one single art piece to attract a wider audience and art lovers, for example, he used burning techniques like Japanese Shou Sugi Ban, epoxy resins, acrylic paints, stones etc. of which you can see in the products he has for us down below. Having just started his passion by experimentation from 2016 to date, we look forward to further projects coming from our very own local artisan.

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