Special Hands

Special Hands is a brand of handcrafted products developed and produced by the Stepping Stone Centre, a work and care centre for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Special Hands products include organic soaps, baked goods and artworks. They are also trained in the shibori and tie-dye art of fabric dyeing, having been taught by visiting Japanese artists. They are also well-versed in batik printing, handwoven, tie-and-dye materials, in addition to ceramic pottery, candle-making and paper products. Located in Balik Pulau and managed by Asia Community Service (ACS), the centre provides a platform for individuals with disabilities to explore and develop their talents, in addition to providing them a means of livelihood and other opportunities. The centre is collaborating with Creative Brands Penang to produce a new series of natural dye batik, shibori and tie-and-dye fabrics for a global market.