Tigerlily Perfume Penang

About Tigerlily Perfume Penang
The brainchild of Michelle Quah Marigó, Tigerlily is a Penang-based independent perfume house with a passion to bring out the best in the wearer via the perfumer's deep intuition of harmony between smells and scented notes. Established in 2018, Tigerlily utilizes Michelle's keen sense of smell to pair notes naturally wafting from one's skin to scented materials in perfumery, resulting in customized fragrances which harmoniously fuse with one's unique skin chemistry. In crafting the best fragrances for individual clients, Tigerlily also takes into account their current fragrance and preferred fragrance family but above all, she places importance in connecting on a personal level with the clients and for them to share their input.Apart from personalized perfumes, Tigerlily is also available in a vast range of ready-to-wear perfumes that evoke nostalgia for past memories and the exuberance for the future, drawing inspiration from the gardens of Paris to the native spices of Penang.

About Michelle Quah Marigó
Intrigued by scents and smells from a young age, Michelle Quah Marigo is a Penang born and raised perfumer. Her passion in the art of olfactory is ignited by her unique abilities as an empath and a clairalient (a rare type of clairvoyance) that enable her to sense subtle smells in our world and the one beyond. With a background in psychology, she enjoys using her knowledge and rare talent to bring out the best qualities of one's personality through scented notes via her own label of perfumery house, Tigerlily.

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