Established in 2018 by Zahidah Noor Ghazalli, ZNG specialises in producing henna-inspired designs and products.

Zahidah, who started dabbling in the art of henna since she was 19, was looking for a way to expand and develop henna as an art form beyond its transitory nature on skin. Over time, Zahidah discovered methods to create permanent henna-based artwork using acrylic on a variety of mediums. Ever since then, Zahidah under the label ZNG has been producing leather, wood, fabric, canvas and glass products incorporating henna designs or elements.

Henna is a traditional temporary body art originating from India and Middle East Asia. A culturally significant practice, henna is typically drawn on Hindu and Muslim women for occasions such as weddings and engagement using a form of natural dye extracted from the mignonette or the Egyptian privet trees and applied onto the skin using specialized tools or just a basic wooden stick. Once completed, henna can last on the skin for up to several days before the natural dye starts to wear off.

Striving for practicality, Zahidah prefers her artworks to be aesthetically pleasing and at the same time functional. Her product range spans from leather notebooks and handbags to wristlets and tote bags. She also incorporates henna designs into fashion accessories such as earrings, necklaces, and hair clips. As each design is meticulously designed and painted by Zahidah, every single piece is original and without repetition.