ZNG art was established on 2018 by Zahidah Noor Ghazalli. Zahidah is a Penang born henna artist. At the age of 19, Zahidah discovered her talent in drawing henna which is known widely in Indian culture. She sharpened her henna skills by using photo from online as a guide. In the early days, her service includes bridal henna, home to home henna service and event henna service. In 2017, Zahidah was introduced to Hin Pop-up Market (Hin Market) at Hin Bus Depot by her sister. Together, they started joining the market every Sunday and from there Zahidah decided that she want to pursue her career in art.


Despite her passion, she initially thinks that henna-based artwork does not last long as the canvas is only skin. After doing her own research online, she

discovered there is a new way to keep henna forever but not on the skin. Zahidah found out that she can draw using Acrylic Paint and the design can stay on the medium forever. Using the same technique as drawing the henna, she now can draw on a lot of things including leather, wood, fabric, glass, canvas and many more. In 2018, Zahidah graduated from Universiti Sains Malaysia in Bachelor of Arts (Translation with Interpretation). After graduation, she decided that she want to take a break and continue drawing henna as her job. During that year, her friend introduced her to Jetty35, and she quickly became one of the pioneer artists at there. Zahidah started focusing on more henna drawings using Acrylic Paint. She wants her artwork to be practical and can be used not just for display.


Inspired by henna design itself, Zahidah has created thousands of designs using Henna drawings techniques. Her artwork can be seen on accessories such as earrings, necklaces, hair clips. She also draws on leather notebook, handbag, wristlet, tote bag and more. Her design is unique because there is no repetition of each design. Every single piece is original, and hand painted by Zahidah herself.